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Dartington Playgoers brave elements to put on riveting Christmas show at St Mary's

Neither the cold, nor the rain could stop the intrepid troupe of Dartington Playgoers from putting on a delightfully witty and engaging Christmas Show at a variety of venues in the Totnes area.

What was supposed to be a practice run for the amateur theatre group earlier in the week at St. Mary’s Totnes turned into the real thing with a crowd of shoppers gathering around to take in the performance.

The group then went on to perform at St. Mary’s Churchyard in Dartington and the Broadhempston Community Orchard.

As one would expect from the Dartington Playgoers, the material cut a swatch across the witty, the zany and the sometimes sentimental. Whatever the genre, the actors put their all into it and the audience responded accordingly.

The appearance at St. Mary’s Totnes builds on the Trust's relationship with the theatre group and is just another example of its role in the cultural life of the community.

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