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St Mary’s Totnes Heritage Trust has commissioned an enormous, spectacular, heritage map of Totnes which is now installed in the North Aisle of St Mary’s Church together with a fascinating heritage exhibition.
The map, drawn by local artist Anna Ventura, is more than just a map of the physical town. It is also a snapshot of Totnes in 2019, with stories and
characters that local residents will recognise. 

Claudia Schmid has created a border for the map, with some of her unique and beautiful creatures as if they were on a journey to Totnes themselves,
illustrating the behind-the-scenes story common to every ancient place. 

Matt Harvey, the celebrated Totnes poet, has written a poem for the map. The poem celebrates Totnes 2019 and the fabulous church in which it will lie for many years to come.

This is the place 


Totnes, Transition Town astride the Dart,

we’re twinned with Vire, and Narnia. And Sirius.


A confluence of head and hand and heart

that draws the questing and the curious.


Up from the Plains, through East Gate Arch, the climb

Is steeped in story, layered over time.


The present and the past run parallel:

rood screen, gargoyle, photovoltaic cell,


our shops organic, homegrown, fairly traded

busker-beguiled and seagull-serenaded.


And if you’re lost, don’t worry, help is near.

Ask anyone, they’ll tell you: YOU ARE HERE

A Totnes Poem
By Matt Harvey

What does St Mary’s

mean to you?

What’s Your Story?

Share your memories of our beautiful church at the heart of the town and become part of this exciting heritage project.

The Trust is launching an exciting and ambitious project to create a giant audio visual timeline made up of your memories of St Mary’s Church. If you have a special memory, of a wedding or a festival, of music, Christmas, Easter, the children’s corner, of enjoying a social occasion, or simply of a quiet moment you remember in this beautiful building, then let us know.

We want to collect memories across all the generations, from young and old, and let us know too if you have stories about your ancestors. Let us know if you have any photographs that might be of interest. We
may be in touch to ask for more information unless you state otherwise. If you don’t want to write your memory yourself, then please get in touch and we will be very happy to help. Join in this great project. Send your memories to Lynne Birch, Secretary to St Mary’s Totnes Heritage Trust, at

See these PDF documents for more news and updates on the project.


An Invitation:
Why not become a member and be part of this exciting historic initiative? Membership is free, no strings attached, and you will receive regular updates, invitations to events and to the annual general meetings.


Telephone Lynne Birch, Hon Secretary on 07814 002651 or use the contact email link:

Send us your name, address and telephone number/s along with your email address and we’ll add your details to our membership list.

The Great Totnes Map Competition

At a well attended gathering at St Mary's Church the prizes were awarded to the winners of the Totnes map competition by the Mayor of Totnes, Cllr Jacqi Hodgson, and Cllr Georgina Allen. A big thank you to all the entrants for the wonderful maps you created.

Also a big thank you to Georgina Allen and her team for organising this wonderful competition on behalf of the St Mary's Totnes Heritage Trust.

To find out more please follow this link:

Sea Change Festival 2019


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