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The Totnes Heritage Trust is in discussions with The Mansion trustees on the

possibility of working together on a project to renovate and repair the listed


Much work is required to The Mansion to save it from deterioration

and make it a building the town can be proud of.

For the last five years the Totnes Heritage Trust has been in partnership with

St Mary’s Church to assist it in the development of its renovation and

reordering project. The church has decided to proceed with the project in-

house and therefore the trust is looking to assist another heritage project.

The Heritage Trust is pleased to have been associated and involved with the

St Mary’s Church project and wishes the new project team and the church

every success in bringing about its completion.

The Trust has been managing the St Mary’s project since 2018 and during

this time has achieved, amongst other things, the following.

1. Worked with architects and consultants to produce a scheme for the

renovation and reordering of St Mary’s Church.

2. Organised two public consultations in St Mary’s together with the

setting up of the exhibition area with touchscreen, donation station and

the Totnes Map. The touchscreen survey produced over 700


3. Managed and organised the much needed external conservation works

project costing £180,000, including securing the funding.

4. Secured a funding award of £100,000 from National Lottery Heritage

Fund to enable the development works to proceed. Laying the

foundation for an award of £450,000 for delivery stage.

5. Arranged appointment of key consultants for the project including

architect, heating consultant, heritage engagement consultant and

interpretation consultant. 

6. Raised £39,000 for the project, part of which was through a

Crowdfunding campaign. 

7. Organised community events to raise the profile and awareness of the


8. Set up websites and social media sites to promote the project.

9. Regular local publicity reporting on progress and promoting the project

via local newspapers and social media.

John Birch, Chair of the Totnes Heritage Trust, said:

“ Having been involved in the St Mary’s project since 2018 the Heritage Trust

is proud of its contribution towards the development of what hopefully will be a

valued community facility”.

“Currently we are having discussions with The Mansion trustees and wish to

support this thriving community facility at the heart of the town. A position that

can only be maintained by addressing the much-needed repairs.”

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