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Thank you for supporting St Mary's

St Mary’s Church has hosted three successful musical events over the last month, raising more than £1,000 towards the Save St Mary’s project.

Jazzient, Will Butterworth and the ‘Come and Sing’ Messiah performance have filled the historic church with well-loved music, enchanting the local audience.

The ‘Come and Sing’ event attracted more than 95 singers from around the Totnes area.

The event was organised by Friends of St Mary’s and the Totnes Heritage Trust.

Totnes Heritage Trust Chair, John Birch, has thanked the community for supporting these events.

“I’d like to thank Jazzient, Will Butterworth and the ‘Come and Sing’ singers for putting on these terrific shows,” he said.

“I’d also like to whole heartedly thank the local community who attended and supported these events.”

“Your support is crucial as we raise money for the restoration and renovation of this historic Totnes landmark.”

St Mary’s Church has been at the heart of Totnes for more than 550 years.

The church is currently on the ‘Heritage At Risk’ Register and needs some serious work so that it can continue to be a place for the community to gather.

The Trust aims to raise £60,000 locally towards the renovation and restoration of the project.

The Trust aims to replace the collapsing Victorian floors, replace the heating, introduce flexible seating and install toilets.

With the £1,000 raised from the three events, the trust is well on its way to meeting the £60,000 goal. So far £46,000 has been raised.

If you would like to donate and help the Trust on its way, here’s how.

- Donate on our website - CLICK HERE

- By Bank Transfer

o Totnes Heritage Trust

o Account no. 39969468

o Sort Code 30-90-89

- By Cheque

o Made payable to Totnes Heritage Trust

o Send to the Secretary of Totnes Heritage Trust

o Golden Oktober

o Jubilee Road, Totnes, TQ9 5BP

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