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Totnes Festival ticket sales to help support St Mary's Project

Next month’s Totnes Festival will help support the St Mary’s Church Project.

Totnes Heritage Trust, together with Friends of St Mary’s Church, are working to raise £60,000 for the project, which will repair and reinvigorate the historic landmark.

The trust is halfway towards its goal and there is a new opportunity for the community to support the project.

Sales from tickets for selected Totnes Festival events held at St Mary’s and St John’s will go towards the fundraising project.

Here’s what on offer:

Organ Recital series

August 16th to 19th 1.00PM - £5

St Mary’s

Fairytales for grown-ups the grateful and the dead

August 16th 8.00PM - £10

St Mary’s

The Talking Forest

August 16th 5PM

Adults £4, Children £2

St John’s

Haldon Quartet plus one

August 17th 7.30PM - £10

St Mary’s


August 18th 8.00PM - £10

St Mary’s

For more information head to the Totnes Festival website:

Or to buy tickets:

We look forward to seeing you there!

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