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Dance for a cause

Jazzient’s performance of August 18th, as part of the Totnes Festival, offers the public another opportunity to get behind supporting the Save St Mary’s campaign.

So far The Totnes Heritage Trust and Friends of St Mary’s are half way towards the goal of fundraising £60,000 locally.

Ticket sales from Jazzient, The Talking Forrest, Fairy Tales for Grown Ups and more will go towards reaching that goal.

So what can you expect from Jazzient?

Jazzient are a duo featuring Bev Knowlden on saxophone and Peter Shearn on guitars. With influence of Andy Shepard, Jan Garbarek, Bill Nelson and Robert Fripp, they create original Jazzy, ambient and rhythmic soundscapes.

“The music has a theatrical, filmic quality ranging from light and sensitive to powerful and rhythmic, but we also love to make people dance as well as listen,” the duo said.

“Due to the improvisational nature of the musicians, the music heard will be unique to this evening and never heard the same way again.

Peter and Bev said they love performing at St Mary’s.

“The space is achingly beautiful and acoustics are a joy to play within,” they said.

Peter and Bev said they were honoured to be able to help with the historic church’s renovations.

“Totnes is lucky to have such a great location and Father Jim is to be applauded for making it into an eclectic place for everyone to enjoy.”

Full details:

August 18th, 8PM

Tickets £15

St Mary's Church

To buy tickets head to...

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