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News from St Mary's Totnes Heritage Trust

Last August the Trust made an application to the National Lottery Heritage Fund for substantial funding for Phase 1 of the restoration and reordering works to the St Mary's Church. Unfortunately the Trust was not successful in its funding application bid but was encouraged by NLHF to resubmit after addressing some aspects of the application. The Trust was in the process of preparing an amended application when it was informed by NLHF in March that due to the Covid-19 pandemic its funding programme was suspended until later in the year.

The Trust is waiting to hear from NLHF as to when the funding programme is restored so that it can proceed with its application.

So as not to stand still the Trust has created a smaller project which involves urgent repairs to the external structure of St Mary's Church and it has recently submitted a total of 19 funding applications to various grant giving organisations and the Trust awaits the outcome of its bids.

If you would like to make a donation to project involving the urgent repairs to the external structure of the Church details can be found on the website. The objects of the Trust extends to heritage engagement within the town and recently it took the lead in putting together a funding application to Historic England for a community engagement project involving over twelve local charitable organisations.

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